Mar 14, 2017

Posting Animated Mugs to the Forum


Edited: Mar 14, 2017

We'd love to see your stuff.


The best way to post animated mugs to the forums is to export them to your camera roll, and then click the little camera icon in your forum post down at the bottom left. This will let you upload directly from your camera roll





| Right here in your forum post window...


Nov 8, 2017

Dear Mug Life:   Hello, I found Mug Life app in AppStore, and I was deeply shocked by this software after I used it. It can change a static image into a moving expression. That is amazing.   Recently, IPHONEX launched ANIMOJI, which is a 3D animation, but you can get everyone to make their own 3D look without an IPHONEX. With the maturity and popularity of AR and VR technology, I am sure that your software will definitely have a good market.   However, I found some problems, and these problems will mainly appeared in Chinese regional users.   1. Most Chinese users are unable to open Mug Life unless some special software is used, such as VPN. This requires professional technicians.   2. The connection speed is super slow, and one special effect needs to be loaded for a long time. (That is because of China's Internet censorship, we can't use Facebook, Google, etc.)   3. There is no Chinese interface and it is not friendly to Chinese users.   4. Some details are not designed to fit Chinese users' habits.   I know that the main market of your software is not in China, but there are nearly 800 million users in China, and China is a big Internet market. There are so many excellent Internet companies such as Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu and Sina.   I hope that you will become a great company like instagram and you will enter the Chinese market. Also, as a Chinese Internet practitioner, I hope to cooperate with you. I have registered the name for you (China national domain name), as well as China's largest Sina weibo account and Chinese WeChat public account. These are the only logos on Chinese Internet. I sincerely hope that you will enter Chinese market and make such a fun software available to people all over the world. I'm looking forward to your reply, and then we can discuss specific cooperation details.

My mail is

尊敬的Mug Life:   你们好,我在AppStore发现了你们这款软件,当我下载使用之后被你们的软件深深的震撼了。它竟然可以让一张不会动的图片变成会动的表情。 我觉得这简直太好玩了。最近IPHONEX上推出了ANIMOJI,它那个是3D动画,但你这个不用IPHONEX手机就能让所有人都可以制作属于自己的3D表情。 随着进来AR和VR技术的成熟与流行,你们这个软件肯定会有一个很好的市场。   但在使用的过程中我也发现了一些问题,而这些问题主要出现在中国区域用户身上。   1.大多数中国用户无法打开软件,需要借助一些特殊软件,诸如VPN。一般人无法使用。   2.连接速度超级慢,一个特效需要加载很久。(因为中国的网络审查,FACEBOOK,GOOGLE等无法访问导致。)   3.没有中文界面,对中文用户使用不友好。   4.一些细节上的设计部符合中国用户的使用习惯。   我知道你们这款软件目前的主要市场不在中国,但中国目前有近8亿用户,中国是一个很大的互联网市场。诞生了诸如阿里巴巴,腾讯,百度,新浪之类的优秀互联网公司。   我希望将会成为像instagram一样伟大的公司的你们进入中国市场,作为一个中国互联网的从业者希望寻求与你们的合作。   我已经为你们保护注册了muglife.cn域名(中国国别域名)以及中国最大的新浪微博账户和中国微信公众号账户,而这些在中国互联网都是唯一的标识。   真诚的希望你们能进入中国市场,把这样一个好玩的软件让全世界人民都可以接触到。   希望你们能给我回复,我们进一步商量具体的合作细节。

Jul 12, 2018

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