Aug 8, 2017

Dying to Get Beta for Mug Life

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I have been using My Talking Pet to make my moveable images etc. I signed up for the Beta a few days ago. Any idea how long the waiting list is. I have numerous things I need to make for a client and would love to give it a go and give my feedback. Anxious to find out all of the different things it offers.

Aug 9, 2017

I'm glad you're excited. I can't wait to see what you do with Mug Life!

The short answer is that it's hard to say.


Behind the curtain here, aside from giving you a chance to be among the first to try Mug Life, we also have some selfish goals for the beta.


We're working our way down the list, sending out a new batch of 100 invites about once a week.

Our signup list is currently about 1000 people long, and we are halfway through it.

So, it's probably less than a month away.


We're doing it piecemeal like this so that we have a chunk of virgin users to test significant new changes against. That's helpful for testing everything for bugs, and also for comparing how people use old builds vs. new builds, and getting their feedback.


This stuff is really important for us, but it means people have to wait their turn. :(

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