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About Mug Life

Mug Life, a breakthrough platform and app where users bring their photos to life with 3D animation, was founded by Rob Cohen and Thomas Coles in 2015 and is available for iOS on the Apple App store. This innovative technology featuring deep neural networks marries decades of video game expertise with the latest advances in computer vision.


With Mug Life, users instantly create stunning photo-real clones of friends, family, and celebrities. You don't have to be technical or artistic; all it takes is a photo. Users can download community animations and paste them to any photo, or just have fun playing with faces. When inspiration strikes, you can create your own animations and memes.


You can download all content for free, import your own images, “Mug” any image, and export and share an unlimited number of Mugs as high definition videos, stills, animated GIFs, and animated Facebook avatars. Additionally, Mug Life’s Creative Mode adds power tools for creating and editing Mugs.  Through animating photos with Mug Life, you can make a friend admit your team is better than his, win that argument with your sister, make the fatal mistake of taunting your spouse, or turn celebrities and politicians into puppets that you control.


Mug Life technology is made up of three stages: Deconstruction, Animation, and Reconstruction. In the Deconstruction stage, Mug Life uses deep neural network computer vision technology to analyze and decompose photos into 3D building blocks: camera, lighting, geometry, and surface texture. In the Animation stage, state-of-the-art cinema animation techniques allow users to manipulate the extracted 3D data, while preserving photorealism. Finally, in the Reconstruction stage, Mug Life leverages cutting edge video game technology to re-render your photo as an animated 3D character with stunning quality and detail. The entire process of transforming a photo into a 3D character is automatic, and only takes a few seconds.

About Us

Mug Life LLC was founded by Rob Cohen and Thomas Coles in 2015. Its mission is to empower user creativity by creating new platforms for self-expression. Cohen and Coles have been working together for more than 20 years, acting in key roles for video game products generating over a billion dollars in revenue. They have led team sizes ranging between 5 and 150 developers on products with original and licensed properties.

Cohen has strived to bring joy to the lives of 50 million gamers and helped hundreds of talented developers pursue their dreams. He believes in leading by example and taking an active role in development teams to see problems from business and development perspectives. He also strongly believes that earning trust is the foundation of success with clients and employees. Prior to co-founding Mug Life, Cohen was the CEO and CTO of Edge of Reality, a PC and console game development company he founded in 1998.


Coles has always loved building things and innovating. As he puts it, Coles restored his first car in his Dad's garage when he was 16 (a 1973 BMW 2002 with holes you could put your arm through), and while he’s grown since then, his own garage is still a workshop. He loves the excitement and satisfaction derived from making big contributions to a team, and sharing good energy from delighted teammates. Prior to co-founding Mug Life, Coles was the Principal Technical Artist and Creative Director at Edge of Reality.

Notable Successes


Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

Tony Hawk Pro Skater

The Sims

Dragon Age

Mass Effect


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