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Network problems?

Mug Life may not function if your device is unable to reach the Internet.

The most common source of network problems is a firewall blocking communication.  

When using public Wi-fi, you may need to go to your internet browser and agree to a web page before it will allow you to access the Internet.  Some office firewalls interfere with secure communication, which can cause problems for Mug Life.

On phones, try disabling Wi-fi to see if Mug Life will work over a cellular connection.  If that fixes the problem, you know that the Wi-fi network's firewall was blocking communication.  In that case, you can keep using cellular, find a different Wi-fi network, use a VPN to bypass the firewall, or figure out how to solve the problem on the Wi-fi network.


If your device's clock is set wrong, that can sometimes cause communication problems.  


Under both Android and iOS Settings:  General -> Date & Time -> enable Set Automatically.  If that was disabled, you may need to terminate and restart Mug Life.

In some cases, terminating and restarting Mug Life may resolve a network problem.  You can see how to terminate an app here: 




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